Create with Frankie

Frankie Japan

While we are spending a lot more time than usual at home, and there are plenty of creative things to do inside, Frankie and I also want to keep connected to the outside world, to the beauty of Nature especially. So, we’re going to invent creative ways to appreciate and record our observations and feelings. Please feel welcome to join us!

CREATIVE 1: *Yesterday was cold and wet and windy; the trees looked tired and heavy with rain and the sky was mostly grey.*

Let’s go outside and collect 5 small samples of Nature from yesterday. Because it was raining and windy, look down – in the grass, on the deck, on the pavement. Pick up 5 things (leaves, flowers, twigs, bark, stones) that appeal to you because of their shape or their colour or just because… take your time.

Now, arrange them on the ground, or inside on a table if it’s more convenient. Keep moving them around until they make a pattern that pleases your eye, this is you creating from Nature. You might like to place them on a background e.g. a piece of bark or a sheet of paper.

What next? Spend some time just looking at your “Creation from Nature”. Is it a picture of yesterday? Or, a picture of today?

Would you like to keep a record of your “Creation”? If so, take a photo on your mobile phone. Take a couple, from different angles. Or, make a sketch, and date it. Later on, we might put these together in a Creative File and think about preserving them as an historical document.

*you can repeat this creative exercise by simply substituting a description of the previous day, or, just venture outdoors!*