ARGENTINA 2017 photos

A cultural immersion: best Argentina itinerary: Art, history, architecture, music, tango, literature, Spanish language, gourmet food, private winery tours & tastings, cooking classes and much more… 



Beginning in Santiago in Chile, we cross the Andes Mountains by coach, then travel at a leisurely pace through the regional cities of Cordoba and Mendoza; we settle for 4 days in the delightful village of Santa Rosa de Calamuchita immersing ourselves in local village life, taking Spanish lessons (optional), cooking classes, long (or short) walks, painting classes, yoga, horse riding, as many or few as we desire. We will eat in local restaurants, visit an organic farm, a local school, shop in the markets and enjoy the panoramic views of the Sierras Grandes Ranges.

From here we travel to Buenos Aires for the grand city’s quintessential art and cultural immersion: Art Museums, an artist’s studio, tour of street art, literary walks, a literary lecture, a tango lesson (optional) and much more…

Photos by Maria F., Croydon


This is a unique travel experience: the best Argentina itinerary possible, taking you to places not usually visited by tourists and at a pace allowing for genuine observation and deep enjoyment.  

Truly, a journey to satisfy enquiring minds and active imaginations!


Follow the cultural trail.