VIETNAM Insiders

Welcome to our Unforgettable Vietnam Insiders’ diary!

  1. Our trip coincides with the lead up to the most significant celebration on the Vietnamese cultural calendar: Lunar New Year or Tet. Preparations for Tet and the activities associated with its celebration, have deep cultural connections. Even today, traditions are respected and preserved. It is a time for honouring ancestors, preparing the home for family and personal renewal through rituals that involve floral decorations, symbolic offerings to the Kitchen God, the sharing of food, visits to temples, extended family and friends. The month prior to Tet is a busy time for Vietnamese people and a very interesting time for us to be visiting. We will leave a few days before New Year, at the beginning of their public holidays.

  2. Customs and traditions vary in different parts of the country. As we move from the north into central Vietnam and then further south, we will observe some of these.


Lucky trees

Yellow blossom

I will give a brief introduction to the cultural significance of Tet at our first meeting. In the meantime, you might like to watch the following short video: