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Cultural Tours, Small Group Travel, Small Group Tours, Judith Salmon Travel, Salmon Plus, World Art ToursJudith Salmon Travel is the life-after Salmon Galleries. Judith is now designing and leading, small group art & cultural tours for people seeking authentic ‘insider’ experiences in the company of like-minded travellers. Each tour has a specific art, literary and/or cultural event focus, e.g. an art fair, literary festival or religious/secular celebration. In this way you, the traveller, gain a richer and more personal understanding of another culture, its history and contemporary lifestyle. Judith’s tours appeal to people interested in art, architecture, history, literature and the way culture is expressed through local cuisine, clothing and social gatherings. Guests are invited to participate in optional creative activities e.g. journal making, photography, literary discussions and art & craft making. All itineraries are meticulously researched, carefully paced and custom designed to individual interests.


Sydney Morning Herald Aug 25 2012
*  Frequent Flyer: Judith Salmon 

Art gallery owner Judith Salmon says ‘be ready to be shocked’ about India.

Cultural Tours, Small Group Travel, Small Group Tours, Judith Salmon Travel, Salmon Plus, World Art Tours

This former art gallery owner finds her culture fixes in India.

Q How did you move from the Sydney art world to hosting a tour to India?

A When I had Salmon Galleries, my aim was to bring people to the art; now I take people to the art. Designing art and literary tours is made easy by years of talking with gallery friends about their cultural interests and travel.

Q You attended this year’s Jaipur Literature Festival, the largest of its kind in Asia-Pacific. Why?

A It was a personal indulgence. I’m a big fan of Indian literature and the opportunity to spend time in Rajasthan and then go to the India Art Fair in Delhi was irresistible. Both events are conscious celebrations of India’s rich culture, past and present.

Q Next year’s Jaipur Literature Festival guests include Michael Palin, Elizabeth Gilbert and Noam Chomsky. Are you an autograph hound?

A The line-up of novelists, screenwriters, poets, political journalists and more is breathtaking. Writers come to Jaipur from all over the world. I admit I’m something of a “writers’ groupie”; however, with more than 100,000 people attending the festival over five days, queueing for autographs would be madness. Perhaps I will make an exception for Umberto Eco.

Q What is in your hand luggage?

A A pocket-size journal for scribbling word-pictures, New Yorker fiction podcasts and green eyeliner.

Q Best travel advice you’ve received?

A Wherever I travel, I take a book set in the country of destination. A friend told me it helps you “stay where you are”. This is the best travel advice I have ever received; it allows me to properly leave home and feel immersed in a new place. For travelling to India, I can recommend A Fine Balance and Behind the Beautiful Forevers.

Q Best travel advice about India?

A Friends advised, “Be ready to be shocked, don’t try to make sense of everything, just go with the flow” – and then they laughed! It is good advice.

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