Some kind comments from our previous visitors – with thanks. Please feel free to leave a comment about our tours, the art or just what you think of the blog. Judith

Some extracts:

In March/April 2017 David and I were hosted by Judith and Louise on the ‘Mostly Argentina 2017’ tour. What a fantastic adventure – driving through the Andes Mountains, visiting beautiful Art Galleries, superb wineries and restaurants in the Mendoza region, visiting the historic town of Cordoba and then to Santa Rosa to enjoy a relaxing time with some local Argentinian families and explore the surrounding area. We then flew to the beautiful city of Buenos Aires and visited the Malba Gallery, Opera House and Recoleta Cemetery by day, and enjoyed the fabulous Restaurants and Jazz Clubs by night. We can highly recommend the ‘Mostly Argentina’ Tour with Judith and Louise. Their organisation, patience and great sense of humour ensured that we all had the most wonderful experience. Fantastico! – Rosie S., Qld.

Travelling with Judith on the 2017 tour took me across the Andes; I visited spectacular countryside (met a real gaucho!), enjoyed some truly memorable meals, and was fully engaged in the history, art and culture of the towns and cities on the itinerary plus so much more… Judith’s research and organisation resulted in a hassle free tour, gave us free time and we shared laughs aplenty along the way.  A marvellous experience!  I highly recommend this or any other tour organised by Judith – Chrissie L., Sydney


Hi Judith, I think it’s a excellent blog. Very informative and the links are great. I was especially interested in the sponsorship of 3 girls in Hoi An and will be happy to again contribute to the book collection for the children in Indonesia. I look forward to the next Blog.

Hi Judith – So looking forward to attend the “Writers Festival” in Ubud again this year. We all had such a good time in 2011 and, if it possible, the festival looks even better this year. The photo of the rice paddies makes me want to go tomorrow. Awaiting the next blog.

Hi Judith – 2011 was a great trip for Margot and me; how I wish I had time to renew my energy and paint a multitude of scenes in and around Ubud this year. Your blog is great.

Hi Judith, gosh it all sounds so wonderful, what a winning combination you have put together! Knowing that Ubud is a little on the hilly side I was just wondering how far it will be between destinations of the Festival, and if there is any provision for people who may find the hills a bit of a challenge! Is everything within walking distance and if so will people need to have a certain level of fitness to keep up with the rest of the group? It all sounds so wonderful, i can hear the beautiful music of Bali calling me from here! Keep going with the blog, it makes it all seem so real!

Hey everyone! Have your read the Blog? It’s fantastic and the Festival sounds wonderful. I spoke to a number of the Festival participants from 2011 and they had an absolutely amazing time. Don’t wait – book in now. Judith’s tours are great.